19 year old applying for medical school

So currently I just finished my senior year of high school but because of the amount of dual enrollment credits I’ve done I’ll be graduating with a bachelors spring 2021. Now this is great and I’m really happy about it but looking at all the application material I realized that a lot of the things I’m mentioning like leadership roles I served in, volunteering etc are part of high school organizations because I was still a high school student. Now I’m waiting to apply next cycle to get a year of college experiences under my belt but I’m not sure how much experiences I could pack into that year and if it would even look good to mention a bunch of things that I only started in August. I also do plan on working full time in a local clinic starting summer 2021 but that wouldn’t really help me with putting things on the application but rather serve as a way to update schools about what I’m doing during the year off and possible talking points at interviews. So basically is mentioning these high school experiences looked down upon. I know traditionally you don’t want to make them the foundation of your experiences but by the time I apply the will have only been a year ago.