1yr xtra classes worth raising GPA 3.4 from 3.3?

I have a BA (Econ) and have my med school requirements met and my GPA is 3.3, Sci 3.5 wonder if it is worth taking another year science classes is worth raising them to 3.4 and 3.6. I would actually be close to another degree and probably would finish it. Would those incremental changes open any more schools for possibilities?

Okay I’m confused Are you accepted yet or do you mean as far as you can tell you met requirements to get in?
If you are not accepted yet then yes better grades are better.

I would say it depends on what your GPA is in your premed (BCPM) courses. It’s hard to give you advice based on this limited information. Have you shown a recent upward trend? If your recent course work and grades in the pre-reqs are solid, then, no, I would say its not worth retaking.
Can you give a little more info?