2.9 engineering undergrad (2.2 science)

Hi! Thank you so much for this podcast. I’ve gotten so much good info from it.

I’m considering going to med school as a 29 year old. I graduated from undergrad in 2012 (civil engineering) with a 2.9 overall and 2.2 PCBM GPA. A few years later, in my mid 20’s, I was finally diagnosed with major depression, anxiety and PTSD. While I probably should have dropped out of undergrad to heal (I got an F in diff EQ but retook and got a B), I toughed it out. I did make it onto the Dean’s List my final two semesters (both final two semesters were a 3.5).

I have been working in engineering/construction for the past 7 years since I graduated. I’ve been so much more interested in the mental health of the construction workers than the actual physical infrastructure itself. Thus, I feel called to work in mental health. I am currently considering being a psych RN/eventually an NP or becoming an MD/DO (either primary care, psychiatry, neurology). Med school is calling me louder than the nursing route, currently.

But, I know I have a very long road ahead. Also, before I get too far into the details and logistics, I want to know your opinion: will I have to talk about my diagnoses on my med school application? Will they work against me? I have a ton of coping mechanisms and amazing support now that have helped me see awesome recovery. But, it’s something I’ll deal with always. I do want to talk about my mental health, because it is a big part of why I feel compelled to be a physician. Curious to hear your thoughts! Thank you!