2 Special sessions being added to the conference

OK - conference update: Prior to our traditional Meet ‘N’ Greet on Thursday evening, we have added a very special session. For all of you sweating MCAT prep & which prep company to choose, we have arranged something that may just provide the insight you need. We’re gonna have the tesp prep companies do a head-to-head comparison of themselves & their services. So far, we have Princeton Review & Kaplan confirmed & will be seeking others.
Second, despite annual efforts, we have never managed to garner sufficient interest to set up spouse/SO specific presentations. However, this year, I rec’d more notes of interest AND Dr. Rauert & his wife (he’s one of our speakers) have agreed to host an informal chat for the married/attached folks. This is completely new & I have yet to decide where & when it will occur. Most likely, it will be an after-hours thing & it may end up being in my hotel room or a quiet place where we can all talk. However, rest assured, it is going to happen. Please stay tuned for additional details. I am ecstatic that this area of OPM appears to finally be taking flight!

Oh…by the way…Dr. Pete Rauert, the guy & his wife mentioned above, is not only presenting for OPM at the conference; but he is also a member of OPM under the pseudonym: PentSuxTube