2 week countdown beginning my pre-med program

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted but I wanted to share with everyone that I will finally begin my pre-med program in two weeks. I also want to say thank you to all those who made this site possible and all those who contribute with their questions, as well as responses. This site has been so encouraging and helpful! Everytime I get a mixed reaction from people regarding my future goal of becoming a doctor, they then comment on what a challenge it will be with being married and having two children. I try to block this out as much as possible and know that all of you are close by, with just a few strokes on my computer keyboard. Thank you so much and I look forward to sharing my journey with all of you.

Which pre med program are you doing?
Congrats on going after your dream!

I have two children as well, and understand the reactions. Go for it!

You have definitely found the right place (OPM) to go if the going gets tough. Many of the wonderful folks here have gone, or are going, through much of what you will experience, at home, and at school.

Good luck!!!

That’s great. i wish you luck in the classes. They will go fast and before you know it, you will be done with them all.

Hi Marcia,
I am embarrassed to say I have not visited oldpremed in a while - due to my heavy course load. Right now I am doing my pre-med requirements at Worcester State College, in Worcester, Massachusetts. There were only a few pre-med programs available in my area and cost was one of the defining factors as to my choice. I am taking Chem I, Bio I, Bio II and Math - so far I am doing extremely well, but am looking forward to spring break next week - I am excited but at the same time can use some long needed rest. Thank you so much for the encouragement!!

Didn’t realize that we were practically neighbors! I am just up 91 in Lebanon, NH. I am an anesthesiology resident at Dartmouth. I interviewed at UMass for their gas program - definitely an underappreciated jewel of a program.
Best of luck in the pre-med world. And, be assured that those traditional people who give you $hit are really just a vocal (a loud & excessively vocal) minority. The preponderance of trads are so focused on their own world that your presence/absence is likely only casually noted. However, there will be a minority of them who will give you the opportunity to earn their respect. For them, you can be an inspiration by example & pass on some life skills - done in the appropriate manner.
Personally, in the context of their age & new-found freedom (just in college & our from under the parental thumb), I think that many of the, esp the most obnoxious, are instictively averse to anyone who may appear or act as another parental figure. Last thing they want is someone else telling them what to do or how to act. So, they globalize this to older students. So, you will have to learn to interact with them in a manner that is non-threatening…more like an older brother/sister…which is doubly hard for someone who is already a parent. This potentially disarms the situation & allows them to see you as more of an older friend than a potential maternal figure.
My $0.02 worth…

Hi Dave,
Actually I am a lot closer to you than you think. I live in Pepperell, Ma. which is on the Nashua, NH border. I volunteer (in the summer) at St. Joseph’s Hospital (which is next to Southern New Hampshire Hospital. So look at that maybe one day we will meet - don’t know but could happen. (I used to live in Merrimack, NH) - Thank you for your input. I am definately going to take your advice as well as from others who reponded to my other post. Social interactions is not my strongest suite but I am going to work at it and see what happens. (I’m not socially inept, but I’m not your social butterfly either -)