2007 Interview Thread

I got my first interview invite: West Virginia Osteopathic!

Congratulations Terry!

Congrats ttraub! Interviews are exciting. What helped me to keep my anxiety in check was to keep thinking about my interviewer as an ally. How are you preparing?

GregLars -

I asked this question of a U of Chicago med school (a notoriously research-oriented school) rep at a medical school fair, and he said that it could be as simple as “washing bottles in a lab.” he said that they just want to make sure you are familiar with the research side of science, instead of just the academic side. It sounds to me like you are very familiar with research… but one of the people on the forum more familiar with the admissions process might know better than I. I look forward to their responses, as I have no research experience as of yet.

YES! First interview invite at Creighton. Congrats to all the others with interview invites.

How is everyone else holding up? I am running low on money and was getting anxious before the interview invite. I received rejections from Mayo, Boston, and Pritzker and then got put on hold at GWU. My application is complete at several other schools but I have not heard anything in a while. And I still haven’t received secondaries from the UCs. This process is really horrible!

What should I be expecting going into the interview process? How should I prepare for this?

Thanks everybody. Let’s keep the good news coming!

My first invitation to interview, University of Kentucky. I am suprised by this because I assumed that out of state candidates had to have stellar stats, and mine are not . Im excited to be interviewing somewhere!!



You know all my thoughts will be with you on interview day! That is if you tell us when it is. . . . Go in, be yourself, and just have a good time. I think you’ll do great!


  • Linda Wilson Said:

You know all my thoughts will be with you on interview day! That is if you tell us when it is. . . . Go in, be yourself, and just have a good time. I think you'll do great!


Hi Linda,

Thanks for the post! My interview is Nov. 6. Will you be around that day? My plan is to fly in to Roanoke or Charleston Sunday morning and drive over to Lewisburg, unless there's a way to fly in to Greenbrier (sp?) and thus not require a car rental.


Terry, Terry, Terry. . . you haven’t been keeping up with my posts. I moved to Pennsylvania in August, so, unless something strange comes up I doubt I’ll be in Lewisburg when you interview.

There is an airport in Lewisburg, the Greenbrier County Airport, and it does have flights from several larger cities, but I don’t think it would save you much over the car rental. BUT you might want to check it out.

Again, good luck and keep me posted!

Congratulations, Terry, Orb, Bryan, and Tim! Boy, I can’t leave you people alone for a minute!

NJ Medical School has invited me to interview, this is my state school and one of my top choices so I hope it goes well!!


Good luck! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.


Go for it!!!

Congratulations Formerartist!!!

I interviewed at Penn State today! I loved everything about the school…campus, hospital, facilities, Hershey and most of all the atmosphere and the students! The interview was quite relaxed. I didn’t encounter any ‘tricky’ or ‘difficult’ questions. I would like to think that I did well, but I don’t want to boost my hopes up too too high, and then get disappointed when the answers arrives after October 15th. My first interviewer was a famale family medicine doctor, probably in her early 40’s, and the second one was a young male pediatric surgeon.

10 other students were interviewing today, and most of them were from Pennsylvania, so it definitely made me feel good that I was invited for the interview so early as an ‘out-stater’.

And then when I came back home, I found a rejection letter from Georgetown…not quite a nice ending to such a good day…

…so now I just have to wait for Penn State’s decision + hopefully I’ll start hearing from the remaining 8 schools soon.


Hang in there, Kasia. Some school will snatch you up and be glad to get you!

My 2nd invite came today–Touro osteopathic in California.

Congratulations Terry!!!

You go, Terry!

  • samenewme Said:
You go, Terry!

thanks, all! My third invite just came this evening: Touro-Nevada.