2007 MCAT

Does any of you know when the April 07 MCAT is slated for? Do they do it the 3rd Sat. of the month or is it a random date?
I know it’s a while to go, but I was just curious for curiosity’s sake!

4/22 is the date… at least that’s what I have registered for, so it had better be!

hi Sam -
I meant for the 2007 MCAT (next year). I know it will be a CBT test, but just curious about potential dates.

I don’t believe they have released the 2007 dates yet. Word off the grapevine is with the new CBT format they are going to attempt multiple test dates throughout the year rather than only April/August dates.

My bad… didn’t look closely at the year (sometimes I even know what year it is… and occasionally even the month!)
Yeah, all I have heard on the CBT tests is that there will be “many more” (in those words) test dates than the 2 per year standard now.

Do any of you have any speculations as to how the CBTs will be distributed?

This is from The Princeton Review’s website:
Here’s an overview of the changes the AAMC has announced that will take place in 2007 when the MCAT becomes a CBT:
MCAT CBT will have 33% fewer questions
MCAT CBT will be shorter (approximately 5½ hours vs. the current testing time of 8 hours)
Students will receive their MCAT scores more quickly (30 days vs. 60 days)
MCAT will be offered more frequently throughout the year (20 testing dates)
Students will have optional breaks instead of mandatory breaks
Test will be given in smaller, climate-controlled rooms
Students will have their identities verified using electronic fingerprint verification technology