2007 OPM Conference?

The rumor is that it will be in Chicago next year - is this true?

There seems to be a hefty following from Chicago so please ask us (or at least me!) for help next year!

It’s TRUE! It’s TRUE!!!

Please contact Denise (our OPM President). She is actively recruiting people to help with the conference in Chicago next year. Thanks for volunteering!!

Chicago helpers, please send me a private message with your contact information. (It’s under My Fusion, Start Private Topic). The conference committee has NOT made a final decision on all the things we’ll use volunteers for, but my personal thought is to assemble a ground crew of Chicagoans to handle certain local arrangements so it doesn’t all land on one person. We’ll keep you all updated as plans come together, but in the meantime, volunteers, contact me so I can find you all!

Yes, this is true. The dates will be June 7, 8, 9 & 10. Hotel as yet to be determined - Jeff Peterson is already all over it…with his moderately elevated liver enzymes.

Does registration include 2 free tickets to see Jerry Springer?

  • gabelerman Said:
Does registration include 2 free tickets to see Jerry Springer?


Oops. I mean NO!

Perhaps Oprah would like our stories…

Great suggestion!! Write her now!

I went to Oprah’s website and submitted an idea for her to do a story on OldPreMeds (for what it’s worth!). I think someone else should do the same in order for her to get the message about this great “personal interest” story!

haha- I was mostly kidding about it, but you never know- she does like stories about triumphing over adversity!

way to go lpressley!

Who knows? I sorta doubt they’ll pay too much attention, but I would certainly accept the invitation were they to be so desparate as to invite me!

I was thinking about sending the same note every week until I hear something back!

  • OldManDave Said:
Jeff Peterson is already all over it...with his moderately elevated liver enzymes.

Whatever could you mean by this? :-)