2008 test dates

Haven’t seen it officially on the AAMC website yet, but Kaplan tells me that these will be the dates of the 2008 MCAT :

Friday, January 25 - AM

Saturday, January 26 - PM

Saturday, April 5 - AM

Friday, April 18 - AM

Saturday, April 19 - PM

Saturday, May 10 - AM

Monday, May 19 - AM

Tuesday, May 27 - PM

Saturday, May 31 - AM

Friday, June 13 - AM/PM

Tuesday, July 8 - AM

Thursday, July 17 - AM/PM

Friday, July 18 - AM

Tuesday, August 5 - AM

Thursday, August 7 - AM

Thursday, August 14 - AM/PM

Wednesday, August 20 - PM

Tuesday, August 26 - PM

Wednesday, September 3 - AM

Friday, September 12 - PM

Saturday, September 13 - AM

Question…if you test in 2008, until what year can you apply those scores when you apply? If I apply by 2011 for 2012…would the scores still apply or should I push it to 2009? I’ll actually be finished with my prereqs by May of 2008, but I will be transferring to a 4-yr to finish my bachelors. I’ll be going for a respiratory care BS at Stony Brook (NY) and will probably take at least a year before attending med school.


I think most schools use a 3-year cutoff, so it may pay to hold off until 2009.

Thanks, Adam. I’ll probably wait until January of 2009, this will give me the time to not only finish my prereqs but possibly Kaplan…as I am planning on doing really well on it.

lol June Friday the 13th