2009 Interviews

Here we go into another application season. Folks should begin getting interview invites soon, if they have not already. Please let us all know where & how things went.

Best of luck & success to you all!

Mine are just rolling in. I have two so far:

AZCOM - October 20th

TUCOM-NV - November 24th

One of my science professors took a little more time than I had hoped to write his LOR but I think it was a very positive and personalized letter—I’m trying reassure myself that it was more important to have a great letter go off a little later than a mediocre one get there sooner. Also, I decided not to submit secondaries to RVCOM or PNWCOM. I think I would like to have Federal Loans available to me as I will be funding my education entirely with borrowed money. However, I am nervous about narrowing my chances of an acceptance.

One thing is for sure, the anticipation is building quickly.

Got my first one.

Albert Einstein in NYC.

I also got slowed by a late LOR.

About 25 more applications in the hopper.

Exciting Friday for me…

TOURO-CA interview scheduled 11/17

Congrats to Bogey and Destro! Best of luck as you go through the interview process. Most importantly, don’t stress out. . . and be yourself.

LECOM Nov 7. Waiting for the other nine.

Thanks Linda! Best of luck to all.

first interview results for AZCOM = Alternate list


Feeling like I should have applied to a few more schools. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll add a few to AACOMAS and AMCAS right now.

Also, trying to be better for the next interview at A.T. Still SOMA on the 10th of November.

Kind of depressed about the Alternate list but I know that attitude won’t do anything for me…reaching for boot-straps…


I’m not sure how AACOMAS works… I mean if it’s too late to apply or not. But if I were you I wouldn’t apply to any more AMCAS schools this year. Most of them had deadline on October 1st, and those that didn’t (I’m not sure if such schools exist) might not have any interview spots left for this year. It’s a waste of money.

I didn’t apply to may schools. I got 3 interviews and got waitlisted in all three. In the end I got accepted to two of them (including my top choice). Make the best of what you’ve done so far! Follow up on this interview, tell them you are still interested, update them every 2 months on what’s going on and hope for the best.

Good luck on your other interviews.


After several months of uneasiness, I have two: MSU CHM and Wayne State University.

I interviewed at OK State last week, and Oklahoma scheduled me this Monday for January.

Just an FYI to you interviewees…a doctor at my job just told me to be prepared to answer the question “Why DON’T you want to be a doctor?”

They want to see if you are realistic about the occupation and the fact that there will be things you won’t like about it. I thought that was interesting.

Do you mean why wouldn’t you want to be a doctor? My first response for the question "Why don’t you? would be but I do want to…The answer for the why "wouldn’t you want to …? might make me ponder the answer more…but I would be at a loss of what to say because I don’t want to screw up my chances…what kind of answers can you give that won’t make them thinking that you aren’t a good choice for them? I guess one would be the fear of more and more government involvement in medicine. Maybe the restrictions that health insurance companies have on what treatments can be covered to help a patient… Any ideas anyone?

I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to post this, but I have my first interview scheduled in January!!! I am excited and nervous to say the least, but I am getting myself prepared. I know I read on here about a web site that listed reviews of the interview process at different med schools. Does anyone know what site that is? Also, any tips or potential questions I may see?

I think the politics of medicine can be frustrating. My boss sent out an email stating that we had to give people steroids for people that had bee sting swelling. There is NO evidence to do this, only supportive treatment with ice and antihistamines (Benadryl). The reason, he got 5 complaints from 5 different people in a short time, who were pissed off that they were told to use ice and Benadryl for their $50 copay. For that they should get some type of prescription, right? I told him no way, until he brought me evidence to the contrary. He couldn’t. A steroid is not without side effects, especially the jittery feeling, like you are coming out of your skin (those of you out there that have taken it can relate). The other big one is giving antibiotics for colds, tamiflu for healthy individuals,…the list can go on and on.

Malpractice is scary too. There are plenty of people out there that deserve some type of payout for damages. There are also lawsuits that are frivolous or are not based on negligence. People do die from the flu, pneumonia, heart attacks,…and it is NO ONE’s fault…as long as the standard is met, it is not the doctor’s, hospital’s, nurse’s,…fault. The problem is that it can cost a lot (financially and emotionally) to prove it.

Just my $.02


Woke up to a rejection e-mail from MSU, not my first choice but it still stings! I however did receive an interview at my first choice, so perhaps things aren’t as bad as they feel right now.