2012 Osteopathic College Information Book

Gina Moses, the associate director of application services for AACOM/AACOMAS, a long-supporter of OPM and who will be speaking at the 2011 Conference, asked me to forward this announcement.

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The AACOMAS 2012 application will become available in May 2011.

The 2012 College Information Book from AACOM is now available for free download

http://www.aacom.org/resources/bookstore/c ib/Pages…

The application will be extremely user-friendly, with no significant changes. Applicants are encouraged to “release” their information to their advisor, so you will be able to monitor their progress in the Advisor Information Center (AIC) portal (http://aic.aacom.org/ ) during the 2012 application cycle.

As always, Applicants are encouraged to begin (and complete) the application process early. Although some osteopathic colleges will continue to receive applications for 2012 through the Spring of 2012, interview appointments and seats in classes fill early. With over 2.7 applicants per first-year seat in the osteopathic medical schools, early submission of applications is encouraged.