2013 MCAT Dates are up!

Hi everyone - I’ve been checking the AAMC site periodically, and just discovered that the 2013 MCAT registration deadline and score release info is online now. The first date to register for the early MCATs of 2013 is October 16 … so put that date on your calendar, if you’re taking it this coming year!

Here’s the link: MCAT Registration Dates

Thank you for posting this!

Now I can carefully and strategically plan my attempt at world domination, muahahahaha!!!

Yay! Thanks for letting us know! So noted on the calendar. I guess this means I’ll actually have to start studying.

An added note - I called the AAMC to ask what TIME (of day) the MCAT registration will open, and the guy on the phone said, and I quote: “We do not release that information.”

Being a former journalist, and not afraid of asking questions, I said, “Is there a reason for this?”

Turns out they don’t want the Web site crashing. Which, I suppose, makes sense. Although it’s irritating that I’ll have to be checking back on the Web site throughout the day to see whether I can get in to register!

BTW - Julio and debr, your posts totally brought a smile to my face this morning!

When are you both (and anyone else) planning to take the exam? I’m going for the March 23 date. As you said debr, time to start studying!

I saw the dates today, too, and my stomach is now officially “butterflied” and shall remain so until April! This is getting so very real. I am thinking of April 27th for my test date. I figure it will be after I finish my Kaplan course and a couple weeks before finals. There likely won’t be any regular class exams in the month before finals so I should be “okay”. As okay as one can be while finishing up prereqs and taking the MCAT. Yikes. I am going to get very serious now, though. I understand Kaplan suggests 3 hrs per day 5-6 days/week for MCAT time. I am taking an online Kaplan class from Dec-Apr that meets online once per week. I have winter break to dive into EK verbal, too, because I understand they have the best approach. So, if need be I will get up early and stay up late to schedule in MCAT time. This is a very big deal afterall! I will be in organic II and physics II next semester plus bio electives for my degree so it will be intense. I have a pretty intense semester right now, too, so hopefully I am preparing myself well for the onslaught of information that will be next semester and then (god-willing) med school! I can’t wait to read everyones posts as we get ready for this mother of an exam. Best of luck to us all!!!


I’m planning to sit for the Sept. 7 test date and then apply 2014.

I’ve got one more semester this Spring and then a Princeton Review course in the Summer.

Also, I just remembered that we don’t have to write essays anymore!!!

WooT, an optional trial section and a free Amazon gift card?! Yes, please!!!

April 27th! Be there for be []!

Starting my ramp-up in November then thru April. My spring semester is fairly light so I should be able to focus on prep for at least 3-4 solid months. Physical sciences are my weak point so lots of gen chem and physics for me.

I’m looking at the April 27th date. My son will be in school during the time so it works out good for me and my work schedule.

I plan to take Physics II this spring so that course should be about done and give me enough time to bone up on everything else. My biology is the most out-of-date item, but I retook Gen Chem and Organic Chem in the past year so it is pretty fresh. I was a PR person/writer in a previous career life, so I’m not too terribly concerned about the verbal.

I figure after all that in the spring then filling out my applications will seem like a nice break.


I’m really glad to see that everyone is planning to study for the MCAT during lighter class/work schedules. That’s a great strategy, given how important (as we all know) this exam is.

Honestly, I’m looking forward to studying for the MCAT, crazy as that sounds. I’m not in school right now - I’m working this year to save money for my applications and interview expenses (fingers crossed) - so MCAT prep will help keep me on track, and remind me of why I’m doing all of this. (If that makes sense). In other words, it’ll keep me focused on the ultimate goal: that I will be going to medical school.

debr - I agree about the verbal section. I was a journalist in my “former” life, so verbal will also be the one I’m not so worried about.

What are people’s study plans? Review books, etc.? I’m doing the EK series, both the subject review books and the 1,001 question books. I totally lucked out - a Chicago-area OPMer I know, who is now an OMS-3 and doing her rotations, outright gave me all her MCAT study materials. Saved me a ton of money! I’m also doing online flashcards on Quizlet, which any and all of you are welcome to peruse. The Web site is: Quizlet, and my username is menhenne. I’m doing MCAT-specific cards based on the EK books, and I also have sets based on my pre-req courses (genetics, gen bio, orgo, etc.). What I really like about Quizlet is that there’s an iPhone/iPad app so I have access to them on my phone and tablet and can study them anywhere. You can also get an app for Kindle and Android.

Onward and upward, folks! We can do it!

I got in to the April 26th test (lots of computer patience!). I’m just starting to assemble my MCAT studying materials as it is all getting real.

Someone mentioned about the Kaplan Question of the Day for MCAT and I registered for that, I set a bookmark for wikipremed and I’ll start shopping for books. I was aiming for the low end book-wise of SN2’s study guide on StudentDoctor.net, but maybe AudioOsmosis for the drive to and from work. I’ll have to see price-wise how it all shakes out. I have 6 months but I do want to start reviewing, especially so I don’t lose some of the chemistry that I’ve taken recently.

Good luck, debr! I’m registered for the 3/23 date myself.

It is indeed getting real, isn’t it?!

I’m all in for April 27th in the afternoon.

debr- Audio Osmosis isn’t bad for maximizing your drive time. It can get a little silly and sometimes they talk super fast over concepts that it isn’t completely conducive to driving, but a nice supplement to have.

I am starting a Kaplan course soon. It’s an online, but live course. It will run Dec-April. However, I plan on using my EK verbal books for the verbal prep because I hear their methods for verbal are top-notch. I am least worried about verbal, but until I take some practice exams I don’t really know for sure how confident I can be. I am all for being prepared, though, so I will work my tail off prepping for ALL of the subjects!

I’m taking it in January. Woooo! Hooo! no writing sample!

Good to hear from you Maria and glad you are giving it another shot.