2014 MCAT,should I register? Crazy strategy

So I’m currently taking chem 2( inorganic), plan to take organic chem 1 in the spring semester. My chem 2 prof is a nice man but I think he is ready to retire. I still haven’t decided if I’ll take

Physics II with org 1. It will depend on how demanding my new job will be. If it’s demanding I’ll either take physics II in the summer or organic chem II or I will do something even crazier. I’ll Hold off on taking a summer class, study like hell for the MCAT and take the exam in September. Then I will take physics II and Org 2 in 2015. Hopefully I will have a decent score no retakes necessary and just finish the 2 classes and submit my application May of 2015.

First, I would never personally advise anyone to take the MCAT without completing the pre-reqs. However my situation is different because of my study habit. While I’ve had some great professors I’ve equally had some not-so-good professors. So I’ve have to learn to teach myself various topics using all the resources available to me( text book, online, asking professors). I actually understand the topics well on my own. It helps that i love science. So far I’m making a 4.0. I can pretty much study on my own for the MCAT. My backup plan is retaking the test Jan 2015.

Is this a crazy strategy?

Clearly, we all are different in the way we approach studying and test taking. I recently had a conversation with an M.D. about his non-traditional path into med school. He had taken his MCAT prior to taking Organic II, and I believe Physics II as well. Another student I know did the same thing. Hindsight being what it is, they both mentioned that it probably wasn’t the best idea in the world, but in the end it all worked out just fine. I’m deliberating on when to take my MCAT as I’m currently in Organic II and plan to take Biochem I and Physics II in the spring. Really, only you know what the best option for you might be, and even then it may not turn out to be the correct one. Just really weigh all your options. If you’re currently holding a 4.0 and want to continue to do so, I would suggest not overburdening yourself by taking multiple, difficult science courses all at one. Cal Newport over at Study Hacks made one of the most insightful comments I’ve heard during this journey that. It is named the Hard Schedule Corollary and it is beautifully simplistic…

" If you combined organic chemistry with multiple other demanding courses, then you’re an idiot."

To be fair, Newport writes generally for traditional undergrads, and mostly for high achievers who couple their innate intellectual talents and youthful zest with a heaping dose of shortsightedness. Nevertheless, Newport’s point is well taken. Initially, I was enrolled for Principles of Genetics and Cell Biology this Fall because I decided that I wanted to take Org II and Physics II during the summer. I very quickly discerned the wisdom of the Corollary. I withdrew from the semester before it could show on my transcript and decided to take just Org II this fall. Believe me, organic chemistry is to general chemistry what the Olympics is to a pick-up basketball game on a Saturday afternoon. What worked for me in Gen Chem I and II just simply would not work for me in Org I and II.

The moral of the story, again, is to just consider what the best option is for you and what will best serve you when it comes time to take the plunge in applying to your respective school(s).

Not a crazy strategy. I got some of the same comments when I talked with the pre-med advisor about my plans. I took the MCAT without having Genetics or Orgo II complete (and finishing Gen Chem I, Physics I and II about 15 years prior), and I made a very good score on the MCAT.

There’s really very little Orgo II material that the MCAT covers, but be sure to focus on NMR/IR spectroscopy and have that bit down cold.

I think if you focus and prepare well for the MCAT, you can do well on it without having all of the coursework.

Hey, can you view my post, any suggestions or advice