2016 Match

Today being the AOA match and the ACGME match coming up quickly, the military match having already happened, here is a place to post where/what specialty people have matched. Congratulations to the class of 2016!

I guess I’ll start off. I matched General Surgery! I’m so excited!

Congrats Synchronous, that is quite impressive!

Congrats synchronous, where are you going?

Congrats synchronous…can anyone tell me how residencies such as Ophthalmology and Dermatology view a 50 something year old if the candidate has the academic qualifications ?

Matched Orthopedic Surgery! What a journey! “OlderMarine” I’m 37, and a couple of interviews my “experience” came up positively and negatively. There is concern in surgery of being able “to teach an old dog new tricks”, however, I ultimately matched at my #1 because of my leadership experience and how that came out during my audition rotation. My suggestion is to do audition rotations at your favorite residencies and let that experience out shine the competition. Plus, have the grades/boards/research/volunteer experience as well so there is no question. The competitive residencies have never been more competitive and will continue to become more difficult(NOT impossible) as medical school spots out grow residency spots. Happy to answer questions about the craziness that is the audition/interview/match process, and what I would have done differently in hindsight and what I did right that helped me match…with a bit of help from the man upstairs.

Thank you for the feedback and advice desertceltic !!! I have 20+ years experience as a Medical Technologist so that hope that experience will carry over. I want to match into dermatology or ophthalmology, but that may change as I am not into med school yet. Did you start out wanting orthopedic surgery ?

Orthopedic Surgery was the goal from the get go, however, I did not know if I would be a competitive candidate for such a competitive residency so I maintained a very open mind throughout the first two years and through the 1st half of clinical rotations. After taking step 1 with a very competitive score and loving my 1st Orhopedic surgery clinical rotation it was all in for Ortho. Optho and Derm are very similar to Ortho in competitiveness. Most programs will not allow you to audition/interview without being in the top 10-20% of your class and 90th percentile on Step 1. I don’t want to scare you away from those residencies, simply want you to know what I experienced. I have a good friend that lived/breathed Ortho. He was a 1st assist for an orthopedic surgeon before medical school, president of Ortho club, Ortho research, super good guy that every residency would be lucky to have. He didn’t match, because his scores were above average, but not in the top. Enjoy the journey, keep your goals high and thank you for your service!

Thank you !!! It was my pleasure to serve. I have been researching what is required for different specialties so that I know what I need. I just plan on giving 110%. Where did you go to med school, and where did you match if you don’t mind sharing ?

Congrats desertceltic! That’s awesome!

Oldermarine, dersertceltic gave you great advice and I have nothing really to add. Just try to maximize your competitiveness as best you can. Optho has it’s own match, which I know nothing about.

From my experience AOA match puts more emphasis on ‘face-time’ whereas the ACGME match cares a little more about scores. But there’s truth that many programs won’t let you rotate to get that ‘face time’ unless you meet minimum score cutoff or you go to the school that the program is affiliated with. With the merger, it’s going to be really interesting to see how/if the match process changes.

I matched a program in a major metropolitan area on the east coast. They have a couple fellowships that I’m interested in. That’s another thing to keep in mind when applying/ranking to programs.

Good luck to you on your journey!

You both are so motivating !!! I am enjoying the journey, and I will remember the advice ya’ll gave me :slight_smile:

Congrats to all the Class of 2016!

I matched at Yale - New Haven Hospital for Internal Medicine - Primary Care track.

Wow- what an impressive list!! [glow=red:1nykjhq0]Congratulations everyone[/glow:1nykjhq0]!

@Synchronous wrote:

Congrats desertceltic! That’s awesome!

With the merger, it’s going to be really interesting to see how/if the match process changes.

What’s the merger?

AOA and LCME are joining forces to have one giant residency body instead of being separate.

Currently, MD’s have a pool of residency positions. DOs have a pool of residency positions. You can still get into programs of the other (ie DOs can take STEP I and match into an “MD” residency). Theoretically, every program will be open to every medicine graduate. I’m assuming that there will still be 2 different licensing exams, but you probably won’t have to take both to apply to every program.

Congrats desertdog! That’s awesome!

I matched ACGME Diagnostic Radiology !!!

Congrats banker2md!

Congrats Synchronous, I’m so excited!