27 year old pre med student!

Hey guys, I am a 27 year old pre med student, well I will be 28 next month. I still have a few pre med courses left to complete along with my BA and my GPA is around 3.5 at the moment. I am wondering what my chances are of getting into medical school and if I am too late to apply even if I end up applying at 30 years old. Medicine is my passion but I don’t know what my odds are of even getting in. I don’t think my BCP GPA is the best and I still have not taken my MCAT. I will definitely still pursue this career path even if I get discouraging comments but I just want to get some opinions or even success stories.

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Hi, I’m in a similar situation pursuing a career change to medicine. I’ll be 27-28 when I matriculate to medical school, depending on which PostBac program I enroll in. I’m no expert but I don’t think you necessarily need to be held back by having an “am I too late” mindset. If you are passionate and committed to pursuing med school, you need only to worry about your own timeline rather than comparing yourself to others. Some medical students start in their 40’s-50’s.

There are many successful physicians who come from nontraditional backgrounds-- hope that encourages you! Keep pushing on and remember that you bring something valuable with your past experiences. :slightly_smiling_face:

Agreed, I am 27 too. We will get there, we actually have plenty of time, imagine becoming a doctor in the 30s, that’s a perfect age I would say.

I don’t believe 27 is old at all. I am currently applying in my mid-30s, and when I was in my mid-20s, I had the same doubts, which deterred me. If this is your passion, don’t let these thoughts stop you. Take it step-by-step and enjoy the journey (as corny as that sounds). Do well in your courses, MCAT, and don’t forget to get clinical experience.

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Also 27 turning 28 and haven’t even begun the application process, yet. My body and mind still feel very young (maybe even younger than I felt at 18 because I’ve learned how to take care of myself better since then) and I think that’s what really matters!

When people ask about my timeline, I just tell them that I’m taking the scenic route.

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