28yrs old, Considering Medicine, Need Advice fr Current Old Med Students!

Hello to the community! I’ve been reading a number of posts on this board and am impressed with the support and great advice that everyone has been offering. I thought I’d toss my particular situation into the mix and get some answers to questions I have swirling in my mind.

I graduated from UG 6 yrs ago. I’ve been working in media in a strategy finance capacity since graduation. I’ve done fairly well but am dissatisfied with the work. I have numerous doctors in my life (close friends, in-laws) and always find myself envious of the non-monetary rewards their work brings. Also, I find myself utterly fascinated about the cases they face and how they resolve them. I’d been on a pre-med path until mid-high school but was distracted with the high flying finance life after getting into a top ug business program. I’m finally back at the original passion but am nervous because it seems “too late.” Here are my questions:

  1. From what I’m reading on the boards, it seems like it’s never too late to start if you really want it. I am 28 and will be starting all the pre-med reqs now. Realistically, with a potential glide year + med school + residency at what age will I start practicing?

  2. #1 said, I am married and would like to start a family in my early thirties. If all goes according to plan, this is when I’ll be in my first couple of years of medical school. Anyone out there that went through the same? What are some things to consider? Pros/Cons?

Welcome. I’m sure you’ll get some good advice from folks here. I’m closing this thread as we discourage duplicate posts - the conversation is much easier to follow if it’s all in one place.