29 and new here

Greetings everyone. I just turned 29 and would like to go to medical school. My undergrad was a BA in English with a minor in Sociology. I finished with a 3.75 gpa.

I originally was going to pursue a career in the health care field when I entered college as a freshman, but I ended up switching gears just because of math!

Now that I am older, I realize I shouldn’t have let one obstacle get in the way. At the same time though, I was able to achieve the grade point I was aiming for when I graduated from college.

I’ve watched two of my family members face very difficult health conditions in the recent past, one of which is declining and the other is thankfully going through treatment.

I’ve spent a lot of time in hospitals, meeting with doctors, and spending time with and helping out a family member. It has all been a trying journey, but at the same time, it has opened my eyes to many truths. Ultimately, it has allowed me to uncover more strengths within myself. I know that attending medical school would lead to a satisfying and fulfilling career. I am the type who truly enjoys learning and strives for excellence.

Now I am looking into how long it will take me to get the science and math pre-req’s, as well as take the MCATs, and finally, when would that allow me to enter med school?

Also, to save some money, I am considering community college for my science and math pre-req’s, but I’m hoping that doesn’t count against me. So far the local med schools indicate that they will accept courses from community colleges as long as they meet the equivalency courses of the school (med school I’m applying to).

I currently work full-time with a decent salary and easy/busy work job. I’d like to leave and go to school full-time because I think the full-time work and school load combo might be too much. My husband works full-time and has excellent benefits and insurance. We have no kids. Our living expenses are based on his salary.

If anyone has any tips or can shed some light on my scenario, please do.

Hi,there. I am in the very same boat as you, with only some slight differences. I am 29 (about to be 30 in January) and have already gone through 4 years of grad school (psychology and social work) before I realized I really wanted to be a doctor. I, too, am kicking myself for missed or dropped opportunities to pursue this in the past. My husband has a great job in the medical profession and I believe he would support me, but I worry about committing myself for the next 7-8 years to yet another program. What will people think??? What a financial burden it will all be, but if I were to give you advice (and maybe to myself, as well) I would say, ‘what will you think in another 10 years if you don’t do this now? Will you still be kicking yourself?’ I think the answer is definitely!!! At least for me. I am, like you, at the very initial stages of considering this move. But if fills me with so much excitement to read others’ posts, especially those who did not get into this until their early-mid 40’s. These individuals make me feel like I can do it. It sounds like you are in a good position to go through with this. No kids, supportive spouse, young…all those things are great! I am also filled with hope to know that someone my age is going through the same thoughts. Like you, I’d love to hear others’ thoughts; maybe from anyone who has been through this already and been successful? What were the biggest setbacks/problems you encountered? Did you feel like it was the right choice?

OMG I am 29 also and have considered to pursue my dream as a pediatrician. I am currently a Speech-Language Pathologist and I started last semester taking the chemistry courses. I am very excited about pursuing my dream. However, I had to come to the conclusion that certain events in my life had to change(ie working alot, and taking my daily naps after I got off of work). I independently contract myself to hospitals, nursing homes, and school districts. The money is AWESOME but I have decided not to work so much and put more of my energy on completing my pre-reqs. I feel that one should just make it up in their mind to STICK with it and PUSH FORWARD no matter how hard it gets!!! I am currently dating with STRONG FEELINGS that I will be engaged by Christmas. My future fiance is an engineer and we have already discussed my dreams and he is so supportive and ready to “take over the house” while I go to school full-time. I don’t have any children and I know that right now is the best time for me to continue my dream and not stop!!! If your HEART is really into MEDICINE, GO FOR IT FULL FORCE!!!

Yeay for 29 years olds! I am having to start from the very beginning in terms of taking classes. Currently I’m working in a large medical facility with 60+ doctors. I got motivated to become a physician from one of my doctors here and I’m planning to become an endocrinologist.

I am going to a community college at the moment, and I am trying to get into their RN program. My course planning to get my RN license and work as an RN while transferring to a 4 year college and getting the rest of my education. I’m hoping to take all the classes I can at the community college instead of the 4 year because it’s a lot cheaper and I don’t really make enough money to go to a more expensive school.

But I’m in the same boat as you with math. I hate math, but I know I need to take math especially calculus! I’m taking baby steps with math. I will have to start at basic math and slowly move up until I can take calculus I.

Hope everything works out for you. You’ll do great, just don’t let anyone get you down

Must be common to hate math…but I feel the same as the rest of you…baby steps! And just stick with it.

I’m not 29 but I am switching gears as well! I got a degree in Political Science and was hell bent on going to law school. I think I realized that I am not cut out to be a lawyer, but I want to help people. I’m not 100% on becoming a physician yet, but I am really considering it. It helps so much to meet people like you guys and read your stories. I thought I was an idiot for considering med school after studying politics. I feel like I’ll be wasting my education that I got. But I see I’m not the only one who is switching!

Hi all, what do you know, I’m 29 as well :slight_smile: well only for a couple more weeks anyway. I am presently practicing a physical therapist. I got my degree in India and so I have to go back and get my pre-reqs as well. I also have a post-professional Master’s with a specialty in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, does this help?

I too am faced with the question as to whether community college is good enough for doing this. I don’t think I can afford to go to traditional college as I have a big loan already.

Any ideas?

Dear Sra2791, Sarahmschutz, Txslp, Reddkatz, RAdamson, melissacatherine and of course Physio,

Some of you folks may have seen it, if you have not; please take just a few minutes and read my “masterpiece” written a while back the so called “Richards Rules for Non-Traditional Success”


And of course we are here to CHEER you on… after all we are in this together! Feel free to contact me if you feel the need!