2nd bacc issues

Hi again everyone.

After looking more into the option of enrolling as a 2nd bacc student, I have a few questions regarding that path.

  1. I am a California resident, but the state school system here has more or less completely stopped taking 2nd bacc students ‘due to budget problems.’ Hence, I may have to go to another state. Any states/school anyone would recommend where it is quick and easy to become a resident, or the out of state tuition is not very high?

  2. The application process seems a bit tricky. I’m assuming there aren’t many 2nd degree applicants out there, because on a lot of school’s websites they don’t spell out the process very clearly. Does one generally apply by the freshman/first time student deadlines?

  3. If I were to enroll as a 2nd bacc for financial aid purposes, I would still be just going to get my ‘bare essentials’ 8 science classes, and maybe not finish a second degree. Is this ill advised? Will this upset my school? Will med schools look unfavorably upon this?

    Anyone with experience dealing with these issues, you’re up!

The only two states I know about are Fl and KY. They both require 1 year residency, unless you have live in KY before. I lived in KY for 27 years then moved away for 4, moved back and got instate.

Hi! I too am a California resident. I was luckily able to get into a CSU as a post-bacc before the doors closed, but I have a friend that had to take a more creative approach. She was a spanish major as an undergrad the first time around, so she applied to the masters in spanish program and got accepted. She’s taking one class per quarter toward her masters while finishing her science requirements that go toward the pre-med requirements. I never knew that you could do that, but there she is doing it! :slight_smile: I don’t see why the same approach wouldn’t work with any other major as well. Check into it and see what you can find out. Moving would be a headache any way you slice it. Hopefully you can find a way in through the back door instead.

As far as your other questions go, I can only speak to my own experiences. I’m in my third year at a CSU and have come across WAY more post-bacc/2nd bacc students than I ever would have thought I’d find. There’s a lot of us out there…at least on my campus. I think that generally speaking, you would apply as a transfer student to most schools (CSU or otherwise) since your gen ed from the first degree will be brought in to satisfy that of the second.

As for financial aid: what I did was to take advantage of the fact that you can get a federal loan of $10,500 (if I’m remembering the figure correctly…that’s about it ballpark) for one year of post-bacc work no matter what. After that I petitioned the biology department for approval to get a second bachelor’s degree and was then able to get loans to cover the degree. Unfortunately for me I was near the limits for undergrad money so double check how you’re doing in relation to that. I’m waiting on word now about an NIH fellowship for URM’s that I’ve applied for so that I can keep attending. Anyway, don’t worry about starting the degree and then not finishing. It’s not a big deal to the school, financial aid, nor the medical schools. You won’t be looked down upon for doing that. I have heard though that if you elect to take the master’s degree route that’s a different story. Maybe someone who knows more about that than I can help you sort that out.

Best wishes to you!