2nd highest score=B?


I recently took a test and a B. I was surprised to get this score because I studied so much. My professor posted a graph of everyone’s score on the test. I noticed that I got the second highest score. In all my other courses, the professor takes the highest score and scales it up to an A and then add that difference to the everybody else grade for the test. This professor looks at the class average and says it is high enough. I asked the professor about it and he said that he will not scale at the end of the course either.

Has anyone ever had a class like this?

Is it unfair or what?




I know you are disappointed, but there are many professors in undergrad work that do not curve. . . and there are many more in med school.

Take your exam to the professor, discuss your mistakes with him, and see if you can figure out where you went wrong. That way when the next exams come along, it will be easier to study in a manner that will be more productive for you.

Good luck!