2nd Interview for Hospital Job! Yay!

I had my first interview and typing test for a patient registration specialist job at the hospital where I’m going to volunteer/shadow. I’ll get a second interview next week, yes!

Upsides: major patient contact, understanding how charts are started, great pay, if I work 20 hours+ a week I get benefits after a month(we have no health insurance right now!) and they are affordable, a whole month on 1st shift at full-time (I don’t start school until January), and the best part of all - if I work 2nd shift, I get to work in the ED and do some bedside registrations!

Downside: I have the availability to work first-shift on four days of the week, so I’d be giving up family time if I did 2nd shift. But, it could be a lot better if I do two or three 12 hour days instead of four to five 8 hour days. I’ll have to talk about that to the hubby.

Baby steps!


Thanks, Pixie!

Oh, and shift differential for 2nd is an extra 2.50 an hour :slight_smile:


I am now almost 3 months in at my new job as a unit clerk in Labor & Delivery and loving it. I chose nights for both the financial advantage of shift diff $ and the ability to take my classes in the evenings. The nurses and doctors that I work with have been teaching me a lot about their specialty and I feel blessed!

Good Luck

Thanks so much for the info. I would LOVE to work in L&D… That’s the other end of the spectrum that I’m super, super interested in :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I can’t wait until I am completely done with med school and finally getting paid. Lord knows I have to start paying off some of these loans. That will be my top priority once I get a job.