2nd strikeout

Any advice for someone who’s applied to her state school twice and struck out? The first time, I had an MCAT of 11-6-6. The dean of students recommended that I re-test and re-apply. This time it was 12-8-7. Is it a waste of time to take the MCAT a third time and apply a third time? Any non-trads out there make it on the third try? Yes, I have an appointment to talk again with the dean of students. Thanks.

Julie -

Do you think you can do better on the MCAT if you try again? Meeting with the dean is a great idea - don’t just focus on your MCAT, though. Ask him/her to comment on the rest of your application and if there are other areas that could be strengthened. How does your application stack up against the average applicant to this school?

Did you interview either time? If were granted an interview this year, this also gives a little bit of an indication of how strong an application you have.


Is that school the only one that you can attend? I definitely understand that when you are a nontrad, many times you are pretty much fixed to a certain locale due to family ties, etc.

If that is the case, you might want to consider a third attempt or increasing your GPA if you can.

Best of luck!


  • jujube3000 Said:
s it a waste of time to take the MCAT a third time and apply a third time?

Not a waste if you know you'll do better

  • jujube3000 Said:
Any non-trads out there make it on the third try?

Close friend made it after his 3rd app cycle and 3rd MCAT. 3rd MCAT actually went down a point.

I echo the question of others on whether that’s the only school you can apply to? A 27 on the MCAT isn’t phenomenal but I would think that would be good enough for some schools, especially DO schools, since they seem to be more forgiving on numbers from what I gather.

If not, then absolutely give it a third shot if you can. Try to focus on the areas where you’re getting low scores, the 8 and 7 ones. And then get some exam review materials and specifically go over those sections.


First of all, I don’t think you should give up with a 27 MCAT. While that may not get you into the most prestigious of schools, it will make you a candidate at several other schools, both MD and DO. And also, what about your gpa? If it is good, that may alter how they look at the MCAT.

I speak from experience. I had a gpa of 3.7 with an MCAT of 25. I applied to and interviewed at several allopathic and osteopathic schools, with more than one acceptance. I chose to go the DO route because it fit me best, but the choices were there.

Talk to your dean, but if you truly want to become a physician, look at this as one of many hurdles you will face. . . . and then decide if you want to go forward.

Best of luck!