2x2 photo

In the past I have used a bland passport-style in order to maintain professionality, but I have heard others submit cutesy ones, such as fishing or while performing some hobby.

When they want a photo, should it be a plain-jane type, or a cute one? I am just checking my logic here, as this whole process has proven rather counter-intuitive.

Definitely professional. I can’t even imagine why one would send in a cutesy or non-professional photo.

A picture can only do so much for you - for reasons that are obvious, it has very limited upside.

However, there is huge potential downside. That picture will be a first impression by the reviewer. While some folks may find cutesy pictures entertaining, there is a huge risk of communicating the wrong message and leaving a negative impression.

People do the crazies things…

This reminds me of anecdotal stories from adcom members about “cutesy” application styles. Their advice is to do what they ask with no suprises.

From what I’ve heard, most people don’t smile in their pictures, so you could do that, and wear a bright outfit to stand out from the others.

The picture is simply to help someone who is trying to remember what you looked like, after interview day, or pick you out from the others in attendance ON interview day. No more, no less. It is not the place for any sort of statement. Think “mug shot,” only hopefully somewhat more attractive. Do NOT attempt to “say” anything with your picture.