3.04 Undergrad GPA in Math and Stats, do I still have a chance?

Non-traditional prospective student here, just trying to figure out if I even have a chance at getting into medical school. I am currently in my senior year at a UC studying financial mathematics and statistics. I have always wanted to be a doctor but my parents discouraged me from it so I thought that I could pursue business. I realized during my college career that I had no passion in this and performed horribly in my classes. Right now I am sitting at a GPA of 3.04 and am trying to finish up my senior year. I really took the time during this quarantine to figure out what I want and I want nothing more than to be a doctor, but I’m not sure I can get into medical school.

I am already a bit late in the game, I have no clinical experience, no science gpa, and no volunteering experience but I am eager to start. I am considering doing a career changer post bacc to get all my prerequisites and build my science GPA. Another thing about me was I struggled with undiagnosed ADHD for my whole life and that has only changed recently but it has made huge change in my studying habits and motivation and I believe that I am ready to take on multiple more years of schooling now that I know where my passion lies, I just don’t know if I will get into medical school because of my low undergraduate gpa. I know I can do my best and get a high gpa in my post bacc and I am planning on being an EMT before I apply to my post bacc. I am also going to do a clinical internship over summer at a heart center.

I don’t want to enroll in a post bacc, enter into the year long cycles of applications and then realize I had no chance to begin with because of my undergrad GPA, any advice would be greatly appreciated on if I still have a chance, what I can do to increase my chances, like literally anything. I’m basically starting from ground zero and I am completely okay with that, the only thing I have to show for myself right now is my undergraduate GPA which is really bad so I just want to know if that will hold me back no matter what else I do.

Quick Summary:

⁃3.04 GPA in Math and Statistics, currently a senior at a UC, decided I want to do premed

⁃No clinical or volunteer experience in college

⁃Have not taken any science courses past high school so I have no science GPA

⁃Have a clinical internship at a heart center lined up after I graduate

⁃Planning on becoming an EMT after I graduate and to start applying to post baccs

⁃Want to know if my low undergraduate gpa will automatically disqualify me from medical school or if I still have a chance.

( I do want to mention I failed one math class intentionally and retook it to get a B+ but I still have an F on my transcript) There are also some C’s that I got in Econ and Math classes.

I think taking a Gap year and applying to a post bacc to get all of your prerequisites done will be a good thing to look into. That way you have two separate GPAs and can show an upward trend. I know Dr. Gray has a lot of podcasts about your similar situation.