32 hour rule, GPA trends

Has anyone heard how GPA trends are being evaluated over the past few years? I had heard that BU used the 32 hour rule, but their website says they don’t recalculate GPAs, they just use what AMCAS provides them.

Does anyone know which schools give the most weight to latter credit hours?

I have a 3.57 cGPA and 3.68 sGPA (but 4.0 post-bacc for my last 32 hours) and a 521 MCAT. Because of my split stats I’m nervous that I applied to too many reach schools.

That’s what I was most worried about, my GPA. I applied to 32 schools, but about 2/3 of them were top 30 or 40 programs. I’m a California resident so that made it more challenging for me to find schools that were target programs. How did you find out about the weighting of GPA vs. MCAT?