37 year old RN will be MD

I have been reading all the stories here and I have found tremendous amounts of motivation. I have always wanted to be a doctor. I have even tried talking myself out of it the last couple of years by taking classes in IT and realestate but for the last 10 years I have been brought back to this point(becoming a doctor). When I graduated from highschool in 1989, it was a known fact that only the kids who were wealthy became doctors. My dreams were shattered because we were not wealthy by any means. I grew up in rural mississippi. I have traveled many paths since graduating high School.Here is the short version. I went into the Army, went to College, marriage 92’, more college as I continue to find my niche, divorced 00’ 2 kids later, debt more debt, met a great guy, remarried in 03’ 1 more kid, became an RN in Labor and Delivery. New husband has encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Here I am 37 and I want this sooooo bad. I have established great relationships with RN’s and MD’s. I have several physicians who will write me letters of recommedation. I am loving my professional life, but there seems to be a void there and I know it is the dream of becoming a Doctor.

I have recently started treatment for my Attention Deficit Disorder. I know once I get control of this there will be no stopping me.

I will move forward from here and take it one day at a time…

I will keep the forum posted…This is the beginning of fulfilling my dreams.

Heck you have a whole year to get going! (I started OVER at age 38 (enrolled on my BIRTHDAY, August 21, 2000 no less)… new 4 year degree, med school etc.)

Do your homework, get a good advisor, make a flexible, (one at a time) step-wise, written plan, then step off… remember to have fun and enjoy the trip

(“Yes Virginia”, you CAN do it too)



I forgot this! Check out my “masterpiece”


If you need a boost or have a question drop me a note


Wow!!! Thank You for the “rules”. The part about them inquiring about the reason for the “W” many years ago. Well I have a few “W’s” on my transcript. Reasons stem from non-supportive first husband, financial woes,to most recently my mom got really sick and died on the 10/20/08. I won’t worry about that now its a few years down the road. I will cross that hurdle when I get to it.

Richard you are a great inspiration full of knowledge, great advice and wisdom. I will definitely stay in touch.