38 y/o Nurse for 10 years looking to apply to medical school

Hello everyone. I will be turning 38 this year. Last undergrad year was 2009 so 11 years ago. GPA was floating around 3.0. Gained my Masters degree in 2017( 3.88) and now taking pre-regs and doing well (3.94) with 4 classes remaining. However at CC. Reasoning? Well price and currently newborn twins. I am wondering if this is something I should even consider. Background info- was Active Duty Army nurse for 5 years and now reservist. Volunteer for Red Cross. Thank you for any guidance.

We have some similarities! I’m 36 and just starting to think about pre-reqs. I’m a clinical social worker working in an ER, as well as working as an outpatient psychotherapist. The more I interact with psychiatrists, the more I want to be one! I finished undergrad in 2006 (3.43 with absolutely no science coursework) and graduate degrees in social work and public policy in 2013 (GPA was higher, 3.7 something, not sure what exactly.) I’m also planning to take pre reqs at a CC because of the flexibility in scheduling and price (since I’m already in a good amount of debt from grad school.)

I’m kind of wondering if my work will count as enough clinical experience (I’m not really interested in going back and making $12 an hour as a tech or something just to check a box on an app) and if I need to shadow despite working around doctors so much for the last 5 years. Have you taken the MCAT yet? I’m not even going to think about it until I’ve got more pre-reqs under my belt.

I haven’t taken the MCAT. I should be done my pre-reqs by next August and then plan on studying next fall and taking it Jan-Feb of 2022 and then applying. I have the clinical and no problem shadowing, also the volunteer but just scared about the grades 10 years ago.