42 y/o Nontraditional seeking advice

Hello, everyone a little background: I am a 42 y/o immigrant came to the US 12 years ago, I went thru the English clases first and little by little I am about to finish my AA degree, I already apply for a bachelor’s in social work program, and I was accepted, but my dream has always been to be a doctor, I already contacted an advisor and told me that in order for me to transfer to an university Biomedical major, I will have to complete a lot of perquisites, that is going to take me more than a year to do, that brings me a lot of questions, should I proceed with the social work program, should I turn this off and go for my dreams and start taking the prerequisites and then do the Biomedical bachelors to get all the medical school premed courses done? I don’t know what to do, another question is about finances, if I don’t go full time schooling it will take me longer, can anybody advise it is possible to survive premed on scholarship and little bit of loans? or not good idea, I feel like if one wants good grades will have to focus 100% into the program to be competitive with GPA, any advice will be appreciated.

Hello Yoilier,

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