46 year old wanting to go to medical school

Hello everyone first time posters here. I was wondering if there was anyone my age wanting to go back to medical school. I have always had a live for the medical field and feel it’s what I was born to do.

So I guess my question is, am I really too old to go through with it?

I’m not your age, but I don’t think you’re too old! I’m 35 and just started undergrad work. I’ll be 39 by the time I apply and hopefully matriculate by 40. On one of Dr. Gray’s Old Premed podcast episodes, he talked with a 52 year old that was in her second year of Med School or something like that, I may be off by a year. So at 46 you’re fine!

The way I look at it, either way, you’re probably going to keep working for the next 20+ years so why not work toward something you’re truly passionate about it?


Congratulations on wanting to go to medical school! Here are a few reasons that your ideal time to pursue medical school may be right now.

Reason #1: You’re less swayed by emotion

Reason #2: You’re probably more adept at the Critical Analysis and Reasoning (CARS) section

Reason #3: You may be able to customize your study plan—and avoid a post-baccalaureate program

Reason #4: You might fit in especially well with a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) program

Reason #5: Patients will see you as more trustworthy and experienced

Reason #6: Medical schools value real-world experience

An admissions officer doesn’t need to ask you, “Are you sure medicine is for you?” Instead, though, the admissions officer will probably ask “Why now?” Be prepared to answer by emphasizing how your life journey has made this the perfect moment to begin your medical career.

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if it’s what you want, make it happen

Great to find another pre-med student in my age range! I am just starting my undergrad work at 33 and am new to the forum.

Never too late but your journey will look different

If it gives you any consolation, I’m 58, a chiropractor and college professor, and I will be applying to med school( allopathic) next year, fulfilling my life-long goals. True, you are never too old, so boldly chase your dream!

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