4th year Undergrad

Hello everyone
I’m new here and this is my first discussion post. Read a lot of other discussion post before posting as I’m sure I’ll get great information about my doubts.

I am currently in my last year of BSc Psychology degree in Canada. I am an international student from India, have been studying in Canada since 2018. I will be completing my degree with a 3.0 GPA (not the best for medical school).

I have a couple of doubts which I hope to clear. Firstly, I am thinking about re-taking some courses that I have scored poorly on. My university allows the flexibility of just taking the second attempt into consideration when counting the GPA (although the first attempt will be shown on the transcript).

Secondly, I am not aware how many people on this forum are in a situation like me, but being an international student in Canada takes a heavy financial toll if you want to go for any degree. My undergrad was expensive as it is, and if I decide to apply for my medical school as an international student, I’ll be paying a huge amount of money which is very hard for me to afford. There is a way to cut down the tuition cost and is to get my permanent residency status in Canada which will lower my tuition to domestic level, which is much more affordable. The downside of that part is that I have to take a gap year where I have to have a full time job.

Now my question is, first, do you guys think it makes sense to go back to school and re-take some of the courses and have a chance to boost up my GPA. Second, is it sensible again to take a gap year and earn my permanent residency status to help myself better financially.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you