5 year break amp;amp; I aced the OCAT

I was fresher because of the break, but I did have to take the OCAT.

I aced the OCAT (lowest score 95%). I learned various strategic study skills. (By the way, optometry is as tough or tougher than med school. Some of my classmates went to med school and became ophthalmologists afterwards. They all said optometry was tougher because of the math).

One of the secrets for getting good grades now for me had to do with with the following quote:

“Studies have shown that people remember 20% of what they read, 40% of what they read and hear and 60% of what they read, hear and write.”

Once I learned how to transform this info into good study technique my grades went from a 2.0+ my first 2 years to nearly 4.0 my last 2 years at Cal. I used the same technique to ace the OCAT and I didn’t take any prep course, although I definitely think it’s a good idea.

I have found that Asians are more likely to use the technique. Could that be why they lead the US in college success at over 60% graduation rate? It’s interesting that those who occupy the top grade brackets are more likely to look at ways to do even better than your average B student.

The other person I know who used this technique was a ME (mechanical engineer) at Cal with a C average. He scored straight As his last 2 years and went to MIT. By the time I got to professional school I had the method down so well that I coasted and, in fact, became quite adept at ballroom dance.

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