70 comm college credits 6-12 years ago, 1.5 gpa, how to get into med school from here?

Beyond all the other stuff I need to do, like do well on MCAT and ecs and all that, I am looking just for advice on what to do about this low gpa hole I am in.

Options Ive considered:

  1. Take a LOT (about 200) more undergrad credits to get gpa at 3.0 then apply. This will likely take me 4-5 years of undergrad. Probably a double major.

  2. Graduate college as soon as possible w the lowest number units needed, finish out w a gpa around 2.5, then do an informal post-bacc where I take at least 32 units and apply only to schools that favor post bacc grades.

  3. Graduate college as soon as possible w the lowest units necessary and try to get into an SMP program.

  4. What other options do I have?

I am 30 years old so time is not on my side. I will be working as an EMT part time thru undergrad and have no other financial assistance, so money is not on my side either.

What are my options?
Which allots me the most likely opportunity to get accepted?
Which is most cost effective?
Which takes the least num years to get in?

Note: giving up is not an option

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