8 mile, the Eminem movie

I’m just curious about this Eminem dude, I had heard about all the controversy with his lyrics, etc. So I got sucked into the hype about his movie and went to see it. Gosh, I liked it and thought he did a pretty good acting job. Now I find myself singing (or should I say a poor imitation of Eminem type rapping) to that song on the radio… . . "Look, if you had one shot. . . . " Anyway anyone else out there see the movie? Hey for 2 hours I felt like a rebellious kid again, ok, back to reality… .

I luv it. I could've written this exact post.
I just saw 8 Mile last night and had the same reaction. Emimen plays himself wonderfully, and the movie was adequately sanitized so that we were spared the goriness and randomness of the real street violence in Detroit.
Two thumbs up from the peanut gallery!

Hi Guys,
I am right behind you once I finish my Laparoscopic Surgery rotation next Saturday. I have heard nothing but good things about this movie. While I wasn’t a huge fan of Eminem, I have heard that he does a good job with this movie and that it is hugely engrossing. I guess I will find out in a couple of days.
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