A bit lost.. HELP!

Hi I’m a current 3rd year at UCLA who was a former Neuroscience Major but unfortunately and embarrassingly I failed 3 classes. I was going through a really rough time my 2nd year here and a was bit depressed. Now I am a current International Studies major but I would really still like to pursue med school. I am in a bit of a dilemma because I finished about half of the pre-med requirements… What to do next? I also feel like I want get a bachelors in a some field of science because I want to do research as well… Overall I really believe I can be a good doctor but I just lost my focus.

Tips suggestions and or any general advice are greatly appreciated =)

First, I want to say hello to a fellow Bruin!

When you apply to medical school, it DOES NOT matter what major you had in undergrad. However, what will be important is your GPA, mainly the science and overall.

Here are my questions:

  1. Since you are a current undergrad, could you retake the 3 classes that you failed prior to graduation?

  2. Were the 3 failed classes science courses? If so, you DEFINATELY need to retake them and work as hard as you can to earn a “B” or better!

    If you are unable to retake the classes at UCLA, you could do your coursework at UCLA Extension, a CC (Santa Monica or West LA), or one of the Cal States. You could also apply to a post-bacc pre-med program if the above options are not available.

    In regards to the Bachelors in a science background, it is not necessarily needed to do science research. I have a BA in English and did clinical research, so it is possible.

    I hope that this helps. If you needed further assistance, you can send me a private message and we can talk further.

    Good Luck!

With your record, you definitely don’t want to repeat your courses at a CC. Go to a four-year school, as rigorous as time/$$ will allow.



I got a B+ in organic chem when I retook it.

I honestly feel that I didn’t try my best in my first 3 years of college. I really believe that I should have taken a year off before coming to UCLA but things happen for a reason right. I am sure that post-bac programs wont take me because well I took all the math and almost finished the chem series for the premed requisites. I want to take do a second bachleors because well I want to do MD/PHD and I know a science major is quite preferred. I probally won’t do it right after I graduate but I know I’ll get there somehow.

I’m a little confused. You were Neuroscience, now you’re doing Int Studies, but you want to spend a small fortune getting a 2nd degree? That sounds like setting money on fire, to me. I strongly recommend you finish IS to show you can actually commit to something (which is important). But do NOT waste that much money on a 2nd degree. There is no requirement for MD/PHD to have a science major. While there may be a bias/preference for it, they are more interested in seeing actual research than another piece of paper.

You really should look into a post-bacc program, as it will give you all the pre-reqs you need to apply to med school. A strong post-bacc institution will also ensure you have opportunities at clinical and research experiences - which will give you a much better chance at the path you’re interested in.

We have an OPM’er who was a journalism major, then went post-bacc and has had great experiences in research, and now has a lab position. She is planning to go MD/PhD. No extra science degree required.

I was formerly neuroscience but I was not able to meet the major requirements so I had to do international development studies.

I like finished the pre-med requirements in math and almost all the classes in the chem series. I don’t know if a post-bac programs will accept me because I have done some of the requirements all ready.


Katrina - Post-baccs are for people who messed up in the 'Bacc - getting their first degree. Thus it absolutely does not matter if you’ve had every class. The whole point is to re-do those courses in a more rigorous environment (similar, but not as difficult, as medical school) to show you can handle it. The only caveat is that many require you have a GPA of 3.0 to apply.

I’m not on here often enough, so you may have revealed info in another forum. But here, in this post, you haven’t really provided enough information. Before other’s pitch in advice, more info is vital.

How many credits until you graduate in IS? What is your science-only GPA (bio, chem, phys, organic, math)? What is your cumulative (everything you’ve EVER taken since highschool) GPA? What pre-med/science courses did you complete with a B or better? What were the requirements that pushed you out of neuro? (At my uni, if failed two courses in a row they would kick you out of your major, if this happened to you let us know!)

To be honest my science GPA is horrible. I feel that it is like 2.0 or something which is not including my failed classes physics and life science 1. Overall GPA, is 2.38 for now I have another two years here so hopefully its just an upward trend. I kind of doubt I’ll reach a 3.0 or if I do I will barely scrape by. I mean I get really depressed looking at my academic track record due to my lack of focus. It also inhibits me in doing other things like internships and stuff.

In high school, I’m sure like many of my peers, I was top 3% in high school and had over a 4.0. I really really was lost here at UCLA. I know its no excuse but at least I realize it now. I’m kind of like trying to just focus on getting the highest grades as possible now. I just really truly believe I can be a doctor or at least I knew I tried my best in attempting to do so.