A decision

Hi, Im Will and I have been coming around for about a year now as Ive been getting through the last leg of course work for my Associate in Science at the local Tech. College in SC. I am always so warmed by the support and encouragement that is given to the people who come here daring to dream. I am and continue to be one of those people. Since returning to the class room after a good ten year hiatus from college in which I screwed things up royally, I will be fininshing up the AS degree, having factored an early 1990 GPA of 2.1 to a 3.7. I am quickly reaching a point where a decision needs to be made about my future. As I read through the uncertain posts, I feel sparks of that fiery passion that has driven me to want to become a doctor and excelled me through the last 2 years of course work and it is this passion that clouds my choice. I may if I choose, stay at the Tech. College here and complete 90 hrs. (30 beyond the AS), which would make me eligible for the PA program at MUSC here in Carolina. I understand that the PA field can be just as challenging and rewarding as a Doc…but its not a Doc. The PA program is 2 yrs and Im not even sure what I would have to do beyond my AS (around 80 hrs. total actually) to get into regular Med school. I am 31 now and would so much enjoy being settled in a career by 34 or so. I have to admit that I am somewhat terrified of the loong hours and grueling course work associated with Med school as opposed to the 2 yr run for the PA. I know you guys cant decide for me. I guess thats just it…I dont want to have to decide. Anyway, I just wanted to come and seek some of that good ole pep that has gotten me by this past year.

M’gosh, Will, that’s impressive! You must have really gotten into the work, buckled down, etc. Congrats!
You’re right in that no one can make the decision for you and OPMs is a great place to be for fleshing out that decision. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be adding to some of the wonderful people coming into medicine now. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply Mary. I’m trying to figure out if my hesitation is in laziness or practicality. ‘Nosce te ipsum’ they say. Is the notion of knowing oneself and one’s own limitations a condemnation of limitless possibility? You can see that Im giving all of this a great deal of thought.

There’s something about studying Organic Chemistry with a head cold that makes me want to be a PA, too.
I don’t know; it seems to me you have to try to shadow real live docs and see their lives and shadow real live PAs and see their lives and decide what’s right for you. I’m hoping to shoehorn in some more shadowing this semester, myself. It just seems to me that MDs get to know more about how things work and why they’re doing what they’re doing and make more decisions about patient care (HMO permitting), and I don’t think I’d be satisfied with anything else.
I wish I could be.
I try to see my life as “full” instead of “busy” and that actually helps a lot.

Welcome and good luck with your decision!

Making a decision to embark on a course of study as long as medical school is certainly terrifying, especially with a “history” and other responsibilities. If you go through everything, you will come up wth what will work for you and make you happy. What terrifies me at this point (late in season, no interviews) is what to do if I don’t get into medical school…I can’t picture doig anything else and being happy!! Congrats on your great performance on your return to school, and welcome to OldPreMeds! Everyone here is great!

Thanks everyone for the support. I had an advisement appt. this morning with my Micro. Prof. an he was no help!! He wouldnt make a decision on what I should do!
Ah well. I can still have time while I put in chem 2, organic, and various other courses. I really do appreciate you guys taking the time to respond and lets all keep doing what we can for this day.