A different perspective

O.K. Thirdunity, this was an old post of yours but I just had to respond. It appears that the other responses from women and in many cases, women going through divorce. So to all of you, I am a 45 year old man never married. As told by others, I am very good looking, an I.Q. in the genius level, able to design and construct a house (that is what I do) build the furniture, decorate and even cook up an exotic meal finished off with a creme brule. I make a damn good flower arrangement and no I am not gay. The last semi-serious relationship and only person I considered marrying was gorgeous, has been through two previous marriages and has four kids. She by no means of the imagination, had her ducks in a row. At this point in my life, I do not plan on having children, but, would like to have a great career as a doctor and find a mate that I can take vacations to travel the world.(Oh gees, this is really starting to sound like some kind of dating service intro ) Do not get caught up in worrying about " The Guy" and mess up the pursuit of your dream. Focus on school and time with friends. Reach your goal and you will be happy with your life. The guy thing will happen on its own and you will not have lost anytime in your quest to be a doctor.