A Good Problem to Have

So, I thought I had decided where I was going. I have been accepted to Western in CA, and I was thrilled. Today, I received an invitation to interview at Creighton. I had pretty much figured my application season was over. At the beginning, I was very interested in Creighton, but now, I don’t know. Is it worth even going? Is going MD worth leaving my beloved California? I know that only I can answer these questions for myself, but I’m feeling very torn. It’s definitely a great problem to have and I’m going to medical school next year no matter what. I realize that many people would be thrilled to be in my position.

Any advice or ways to look at this that I’m not considering?

Well first of, I’d love to be in your shoes! I would just look at my career choices and option. If you want to practice, in which setting will do so? What is the approach to medicine that you like most (holistic as in DO, or ‘more symptomatic’ as in MD). What specialty(ies) are your targeting?

Either way you will be a doc. So it’s great. But your situation may require you to try to look further in your future and make the best decision.

Keep us posted.

That’s awesome, Someday! Congrats!

Is the in-state tuition vs out-of-state an issue for you? Do you ever plan on doing any mission work or humanitarian work where the MD would be preferable to the DO? Would you have to relocate either way, or only if you decide on Creighton?

How are the schools in terms of match lists, history, student support, etc?

Good luck to you! You’re in a cool position!


You can always go to the interview. It’s not binding and it can broaden your perspective a lot. Ultimately the decision will be yours and you’ll get to pick which place you want to go to.

One thing to keep in mind is that… if you are from California, and would like to practice there in the future, if you choose to go to out of state school, it might be difficult to come back, not impossible - depending on what specialty you’ll ultimately pick.

Thanks for the responses, everyone. I really appreciate it.

In terms of tuition and OOS status, both are private schools and the difference is only about $3,000/year. Living expenses in Omaha are considerably lower, but then I would have to fly (along with my two kids and husband) to visit family. My husband is a teacher, so there is a credentialing issue that may make it more difficult to find work. Western involves moving, but moving within the state and only two hours away is a different story than moving half-way across the country.

I do plan on doing mission work or humanitarian work at some time in the future. I have lived in developing countries and I would really like to return to help some of the communities that have shown me tremendous hospitality. However, those countries recognize DOs. On the flip side, an MD may allow me to broaden my horizons in terms of countries where I could work.

As for specialty, I’ve always seen myself as a primary care kind of girl. However, that’s not to say that there’s a chance that I could fall in love with something else along the way. In fact, I could see myself digging surgery. But, I really like having a wide body of knowledge about things, rather than a very specific skill set. I have ZERO interest in derm, plastics, radiology, or similar highly competitive specialties that may be more open to me as an MD. I could see myself in family practice, internal medicine, ob/gyn, general surgery, or something along those lines. Variety, large knowledge base, usefulness in humanitarian work are definitely more in tune with who I am.

I may go to the interview because I do like the idea of broadening my horizons, and seeing if I get a different perspective. I did schedule the interview, but I’m still thinking about it. I just don’t know. I’m very flattered by the opportunity and I feel very lucky, not to mention a little amazed, at the whole process. Its all more than I expected.

If you don’t go to the interview, you may not have choices. I’d seriously consider giving the Creighton interview your best shot and then make a final decision.