A great books liberal arts college: How do I do pre-med?

Hello everybody,

I am currently a sophomore attending a 4 year liberal arts college. It is a great books program and I will graduate (hopefully) with a BA in liberal arts, and I would like to go into medicine after graduating. Unfortunately, my school does not have any classes that are comparable to the necessary science pre-reqs. I’m looking into taking classes over the summers. Would taking summer classes at a community college be a disadvantage when applying for med-school? I know this has been discussed a lot, but does the fact that I am going to a four-year college make my situation any different? I am also considering taking time off from school after my Junior year to do Pre-med at a university. Would this be better than doing classes over the summer? Or should I wait until I’ve graduated from my undergrad program to start a post-bacc?


If you’re going to THE great books liberal arts college, you know, the one with 2 campuses that isn’t Deep Springs, then I bet they will take you quite seriously as long as you get the prereqs somewhere. Good luck!

Actually, that’s an awesome major. I love this, as it aspires to return to more of a classical learning structure and being a part of the “great conversations” of life.

Very cool.

Would it be better to wait until after I graduate to do a post bacc program or should I try to get as much as I can done over the summers? Does it make any difference?