a green card carrying alien

Hello everyone,
I just signed up to become an active member tongue.gif . As I get a lot of information here, I hope I can contribute something in near future, too. But, I only have questions at this moment. I am sorry.
Here is my situation. I am a foreign national with permanent US residency. I currently reside in upstate New York, where I plan to settle in eventually. I completed an undergraduate physics degree oveseas in 1992-1996 that included most of the prerequisite courses with GPA 3.1, and an MBA at an US accredited school with GPA 3.7 in 200-2001.
Due to location and tuition factors, I plan to take courses at Jefferson CC to fulfill prerequisite requirement; organic chemistry and microbiology. I understand that some schools wouldn’t accept the credits if I had taken them overseas or at CC. Thus, I am considering retaking the courses at JCC.
Is there anyone who had this type of questions and have an idea of which direction to take?

Check out Classes at community college for answers to similar questions. Because of the age and source of your previous classes my guess is that you will probably have to retake the pre-reqs. Other than being a pain in the a** I bet you’ll do well. Check out the link to the post and see if that answers your questions.

I did call about 7 schools. Their answers varied about foreign school credits. They had things in common, though. First, they do not suggest taking courses at CC. Second, do not retake the courses, but take some different subject such as biochem, or advanced courses to prove that I can do well. Third, they appear to consider MCAT and interview as the most important factors in their decision.
I just moved in this area. At this moment, I have no other choice than registering for organic chemistry and microbiology at CC. I will try to locate a 4 YEAR COLLEGE somewhere else for the spring term. But I see it is gonna be hard to find the seat as a non matriculated student. But I will keep trying.
Good luck with you too