A pre med student general question

Hi everyone, I have searched a lot and talked to people about my hope to get into medical failed at least dental school . When I first got into college I only had that idea in my mind didn’t even think about the actual major, got into Biology and started with the pre-med right away. Things didn’t go as planned, failed most courses went on probation , as well been through a lot of things in my life, and surprised that I’m still in college. I took Sociology and did very well in it behind all the courses that I failed, ended up majoring in Sociology. I’m in my fifth year , first semester of college with Sociology major as of now, took chem 111& 112, and passed both with a B-. I still need 20 credit to graduate , Cumulative GPA 2.45 and 2.75 major gpa . What should I do as of now ? I have talked to my advisor and said work on rasinig your gpa for now ,and also read a lot about post bac programs

Would appreciate all your opinions

Hi, NBLX. Please know you are not the only student who has ever been in this situation. At this point, I would definitely recommend some sort of post-bacc or Masters program. I personally did a one-year certificate granting post-bacc, which gave me the opportunity to show that I could succeed academically. However, I would also consider looking at Masters programs associated with medical schools. I know there are multiple schools that have Masters programs that essentially function as a post-bacc, but you walk away with a graduate degree and usually an automatic interview (or sometimes acceptance) if you graduate with a certain GPA/MCAT.