A question about volunteering

OK. So all of youhave been so kind to answer my previous question. I look forward to a time when I can offer some advice instead of continually asking.

My question is about volunteer hours. Obviously as an RN I have a LOT of pt contact hours each week. I also volunteer occasionally with a pregnancy resource center for unplanned pregnancys (as an RN) My husband is a pilot in the air force and I do volunteer time with different projects run by the officers spouses group. Do I need to increase my pt contact hours of volunteering? Or since I have so much pt contact does my volunteer time with OSG count? I would like to add in some physician shadowing also. Please keep in mind, I do not plan on applying for 3 yrs. (the yr my husband retires from the Air Force)So I have time to add up hrs, I just want to make sure I’m earning the “right kind” of volunteer time.

Thank you in advance for your input :0)


I think your patient contact hours are just fine. I would focus on volunteering in a capacity that you truly believe in and that if you were asked about it in an interview, you would be able to speak about it passionately.

Hope that helps.


thank you Lynda. It does help :0)