A question for those with more tact than me

I went to the OPM in June - it was super useful, EVERYONE should go! - and I bought a bunch of raffle tickets and I won a consultation session with one of the educational consultants…

The consultant told me at the time that they were really busy, so I got my stuff together and enrolled in classes and got on with my happy life for a little while, then I contacted them about a month ago to see if they were free to set up an appointment.

They got back to me and we set up a time for a 15-minute call to introduce myself and the consultant would let me know what I needed to prepare for the full meeting, what info I should have ready for them, etc.

So, I called in at the appointed time and … no answer. Then I called an hour later, and still no answer. Then I waited for a call back - nothing. I sent an email the next afternoon. No response.

Ummmm… what should I do? I know that the consultation was free and it was given as a gift, but it feels really rude to be ignored. Should I bug this person, keep sending emails, maybe a call the office a couple times? I was really looking forward to this, I can’t TELL you how excited I was to get this prize, and now I’m not sure what to do.

Of course, on top of all that, I really hope the consultant didn’t have a stroke or get in a car wreck, or something where they are incapacitated and CAN’T get back to me, because then I would have guilt for being angry on top of all the disappointment. Any ideas?

Maggie from Tejas.

Find another consultant, and be sure to let the folks who run OPM know who it was.

In the meantime, why now make some inquires on the OPM website? Most of us here KNOW how to get into med school (based on the results), so take a chance!

You’re totally right - I need to post more on here! I’m trying to navigate this mess (aka my life) on my own and I really shouldn’t be!

Thanks for replying.


Hi Maggie,

Wow, I’m sorry to hear that your consultant disappeared. I hope, as you do, that nothing awful has happened. I’m offering to step in to take that person’s place if you want a free consultation so you’re not left high and dry. Contact me if you’d like a session. I would be happy to help.



There’s an old saying in the field I work in about trying to do too many things alone and without support…“The mind is not a good neighborhood to go in by yourself.” Our brain will tell us that our best thinking is what we need to do, when an outside perspective may offer solutions that we never considered or thought of…Human beings are social creatures. We NEED each other ( ask any cultural anthropologist). The myth of the self supporting individual who can “do it all” is exactly that…a myth. Old Pre Meds is great accompaniment, in the mind, and on the journey…