A sad day for me, it is.

I Have made the decision not to accept my acceptance at SLSOM. I made my decision after calling CA medical licensing board and found out that SLSOM is not a recognized medical school. This led me into contacting other states licensing board which I have not heard from as of yet. Nevertheless, since I want to be licensed in CA someday, I have no choice but to turn down my acceptance.
All is not a lose. I’ll just have to finish my degree at West Chester University of Penn and do a Post-Bac at Temple or Drexel.

Forgive my stupidity but what is SLSOM and where is it?

SLSOM=St.Luke School of Medicine.
It is located in Liberia Africa however they have affiliations with other schools.
SLSOM is not a bad school but it just not recognized by CA Board of licensing. This is important to me since I want to move to CA once I’m done with Medical school.

It’s sad, but it’s great that you listened to your gut and asked the extra questions you needed to ask to make sure you would get what you wanted in the end. I’ll be 41 when I apply for medical school. It’s more important to do it right than to do it fast. Hang in there and keep trudging towards the dream. And remember how much time, money, and heartbreak you saved by asking the right questions at the right time.
All of that is probably cold comfort now, so I am sending you my very best cyber-hug as well.