A Scheduling Question....

I have a question about scheduling:
Next Spring I am debating to take 2 or 3 three classes. Has anyone taken more than 2 science classes?
My proposed schedule is:
Bio II
Physics I
Organic I/Genetics
Does anyone have an opinion??
Thank You!

Taking three science classes isn’t a huge deal if you’re a full time student (not working). It also depends on the classes. My most challenging semester was Organic I and lab, Bio II, Anatomy and lab, Genetics. It was pretty rough. For your proposed schedule, I don’t know that I would take Physics and Organic at the same time. They’re both very difficult, and you may feel like you don’t have enough time to be really successful. The other classes, Biology II and Genetics aren’t too tough, so I say go for three, but split up the Organic and Physics.

Along with work i feel maxed with 2 classes. Currently im taking phy I and Bio I and it is alot of work when you have a job on top of it. I would be careful not to sacrifice your GPA for getting it done faster.

It can be done. I took physics, gen chem, bio and calculus at the same time. It is doable if all you are doing is school. Is there lab with organic? The biggest hassle with doing three sciences is if they all have labs. My quarter above had lab four days a week, which sucked. I had a couple of friends who were taking a simlar course load who really struggled to do well.

I took Physics I, Microbiology, and O-chem I in the same semester. All classes had labs, plus physics had a problem session. I found it do-able, but as others have said, THAT was my job for the semester. I can’t imagine doing it if working. The labs took tons of time during their scheduled meetings times but also tons of time OUTSIDE of class, preparing for lab and then writing up reports.
So yeah, you can do it but it will be your occupation, AND your preoccupation, for the semester.

Hi Jill,
I think you can do it if you don’t work…And I think I’d definitely take either Physics or Organic! (+ two other classes you mentioned)…At least in my school Physics and Organic have really demanding lab reports - it would take a lot to keep up with both!
Good luck

Thank you to everyone who posted! You have all been a tremendous help!

I’ve read all the responses and agree that without working outside of school it is doable, and separating the Physics and Organic would be advisable. One minor Catch-22 popped up for me…when I started my pre-med and wanted to do it “part time” I was told “don’t bother”, because the med schools want to see you be able to handle 12-15 hours of sciences to prove you can handle the load. Being “older” and feeling I have something to prove, I still try to work full time and do school full time, but make it a bit easier and schedule two heavy sciences with a “gomer” class. For example, fall for me includes Organic I with lab, Calc I, and Survey of Human Diseases. Even advisors have not understood the difference in being older, supporting a family, not having mom and dad to fall back on, and not having a lifetime to correct it if I goof this time.
Just remember…everything is a balance, too eager or too much may dip the GPA to an unrecoverable low. If you are used to school, you may be able to handle more than if you are back for the first time in 10 or 20 years.

Here’s my two cents. I took Molecular and Cell Bio, Physics II, and Organic II in the same semester and worked 20 hours per week. As others have suggested, having 3 labs with extensive write-ups can be a challenge, but doable. I ended up doing very well in all of the classes, so would say, at least from my viewpoint, it’s definitely possible. That being said, I think it’s important that you base your decision on what YOU believe you can do, and not what others have done. You will have different strengths and weaknesses from each of us responding. Determine whether the classes you will take fall more in line with your strengths or your weaknesses as definied by your experience and work from there.
Good luck!