A whole year without activities to put on my app

Hi guys,

I am a sophomore right now and am really interested in becoming a physician. In high school I spent 3/4 summers volunteering as a junior volunteer at a hospital, and last summer I applied to so many volunteering programs but unfortunately all of them were canceled because of COVID. Will med schools understand this? During this academic year, I am tutoring as a paid job and am also volunteering as a tutor/making academic videos for kids online who go to schools with less funding or support in general. I love working with kids and for the spring 2021 semester I am lined up with a professor that I get to do child development research with. I am super excited and looking forward to that, so is it okay that with these activities I have and am planning to do during my sophomore year, that I have no interesting activities the whole freshman year?

Side note, I ended with a 3.14 gpa my freshman year but have a lot more motivation and activities in my sophomore year so far, so I am aiming for around a 3.85 this semester! The upward trend and increase in activities hopefully looks okay on my app.