AACOM 2010 presentation audiotrack

For those of you with access to iTunes, I was able to upload Richard’s discussion at AACOM last Thursday to my iTunesU website so that my postbacs and postbacs around the world (okay, US being mostly relevant here) can access this discussion track. Sorry about audio inaudibility; we’re not all on microphones.


Look up “Others Presentations” for “From the Outside Looking In”.

You are also free to listen to all other podcasts of my own presentations as well as other “interviews” or presentations I have recorded. But as a response to my own postbac advisees, this is the first track that specifically addresses postbac issues.

Thank you Dr. Chuck for posting the audio.

Now that my laptop has recovered, attached is the powerpoint presentation that goes with the above audio. Due to time, the discussion only got thru about 1/3 of what I had intended. A longer field report will follow.

Attached files 1271129800-AACOM_non-trads.ppt (1.3 MB)Â


That was a great powerpoint presentation! I have one question for you: What was the general consensus about online post-bacc courses (specifically UNECOM’s courses)? Having taken UNECOM’s Gen Chem I online course and contemplating taking more, I’m curious. UNECOM, of course, will take their own online post-bacc courses, but how about other osteopathic schools?


I happen to run into the UNECOM Technical Manager for Online Course at the AACOM and will followup with her. She informed me that one of the professors in the PostBacc had started keeping track of where students were able to successfully use the online prehealth courses.

Due to time constraints, the subject of online courses were only briefly discussed. However, the impression I got from the comments showed a subtle shift in attitude. Previously, the concept of online postbacc was dismissed out of hand. Now I am seeing approaching a wait and see attitude. That may not seem like much but it is a start. IPerhaps we all can help it along by finding schools that do offer such courses and actively finding out from them where these course have been accepted. I’ll post this separately

Great, thanks for the info!