AACOM vs. AAMC Question

I know somewhere on here there is a thread that talks about applicant data for these two but I can not find it.

On the AACOM website under the applicant data section it goes into detail about age, GPA, how many applicants each state received, etc. But on the AAMC I am not finding any information about age of applicants that applied to MD programs except mean age stats. Anyone have any advice to where to find this information?



Do you mean in general or to each specific school? If it’s school specific, the AAMC has a for-purchase book/online site called the MSAR which has all of the information for each school. It’s relatively cheap for the amount of time I spent researching schools. You can link it from the AAMC website, I think it’s somewhere on the right side of the pane.

ok, that is what I wasn’t sure of if the MSAR indeed had that info or not, but sounds like they do. So I will order that and take a look. Thanks for your help!!