AACOMAS Question

hopefully someone can answer my question. Do DO schools have a seperate break down between graduate and undergrad GPAs? I was reading the AACOMAS website and it was not clear whether they just take your total GPA and combine it.
Second question, maybe someone can answer this. I was reading on the AACOMAS website that professional program degrees are not counted in your GPA, however AACOMAS did not clearly define what professional programs mean. I Assume that professional programs mean: JD, DVM, or DDS. Does anyone know anything about this? any help would be appreciated thanks.

Good news for me, just got an email from AACOMAs, none of your professional coursework is counted in total GPA (DDS, JD, DVM). Only Graduate school GPA. sure makes me feel good since, I only got Bs and Cs. Dont make to much fun of me, I worked hard for those grades! =)