AACOMAS Questions

Coming up on 1 month since my application was submitted to AACOMAS and the ARC shows no progress whatsoever. All four of my transcripts are showing as “not received”. Anyone else in a similar boat? How long did it take?
Also, out of curiousity, has anyone received a secondary from Des Moines University yet?

It takes quite a while for them to update that page…Dont start to worry just yet. I sent in all of my stuff fairly early and it still took them 2-3 weeks to get that status page updated. Obviously, they put the date that they physically received it, so althought they’re not quick about updating, they are keeping track! I had one of my transcripts rec’d on 6/1 but didn’t get updated on the status page until the middle/end of July…

It took mine 4 weeks from start to finish. But if you are worried, I would suggest calling them. Last year they were quite helpful to me. They even emailed me to let me know they found my missing transcript. Give them a call.