AAMC 2015 MCAT Practice test score

Hello all,

I am signed up to take the MCAT May 22 and have been actively studying for it. I just finished my first attempt at the AAMC 2015 practice test and am not sure how to interrupt my scores. They are not weighed out by percentile or score as I know that data wont be available for awhile but they report raw percent correct. Any ideas on how to judge how these might correlate to my actual exam score? My scores were:

Chem/physics: 42/59 with 71% correct

CARS: 51/53 with 96% correct

Bio/Biochem: 48/59 with 81% correct

Psych/Soc: 45/59 with 76% correct

Any advice on what these mean for my score would be appreciated.

I think it’s hard to know what they mean – that’s the problem with this test. It shows you’re on a great track, that you’re getting most of the questions right. But it’s also only a single test and doesn’t, as you say, take percentiles into account. Getting 81% on the bio could put you at the top of the echelon or in the 50th percentile. You won’t know until after test day.

I’m not saying that to freak you out, but just that in my opinion you should consider that a great place to be, but more importantly, you should go over every question slowly, and understand why you picked the answer you did (so you can reinforce good choices) and review the science or concepts behind every question you got wrong.

If you have more tests to choose from, perhaps from a friend using a test prep company, that would be great so you have more experience taking the full test and can see if your scores hold steady or fluctuate.

Super fun preparing for a test even the AAMC is iffy on, huh? I feel your pain.