AAMC Practice Exams

I have a question to all of you who have taken the MCAT already. How close were you scores on the real exam to the AAMC practice exams? I know the curve the grades but just wanted from those who have taken how representive the AAMC tests are. I have taken 7,8,9 and my scores were almost similar 29-31. I will be happy with any of these score but still not sure how I will handle the day of the exam.

Good luck for everyone who is taking it. We are almost done…:slight_smile:


I scored as low as a 25 and as high as 30, I dont remember which one I got which score on, but I got a 29 on the real thing.

I was within two points of my scores on the higher-numbered exams (I actually went up). Take good care of yourself on exam day; deliberately keep your spirits up so you think better. Do a little chair dance as they pass out the exams. You’ll be fine.

I was within a point of my Kaplan practice scores. I have heard of people going up or down from practice tests; I guess it’s best to think of those as “ballpark” figures and not rely too much on them. The only thing that counts is what you do on test day. For me, the real test was slightly tougher than the Kaplan and AAMC practice tests, perhaps because it was such a long and physically draining experience.

As SameNewMe suggests, keep your spirits up on test day (a hidden flask of vodka?? ) and just do the job and definitely avoid comparing and contrasting with friends during the day. When the day is over, have a delicious dinner somewhere, pat yourself on the back for getting through this thing, and move on. Best of luck,